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Free Electric Heating Perth

At Envirohomes Renewables, we pride ourselves on being the go-to electric heating engineers in Perth, Scotland. With a strong local reputation, we are dedicated to providing energy-efficient electric heating solutions that not only lower your energy bills but also improve your home’s Environmental Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and reduce your carbon footprint. Having completed numerous electric heating projects across Scotland, we have earned the highest industry accreditations, including Qualitymark Protection, Gas Safe Register, PAS 2030 Certification, and Elmhurst Energy Assessment Accreditation.

Our team of electric heating engineers specializes in ECO 4 grants, offering fully funded services to households in need. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme, initiated by the UK government, aims to enhance energy efficiency in homes by providing free heat pumps and insulation. Launched in April 2022, ECO4 forms part of the government’s long-term plan for increased sustainability in homes, set to run until March 31, 2026.

What makes ECO4 different from ECO3?

Distinguishing ECO4 from its predecessor, ECO3, several key aspects are worth noting:

What is
Electric Storage Heating?

Electric storage heating systems utilize electricity to produce heat during off-peak periods, typically overnight when electricity rates are lower. This stored heat is then released during the day when it is needed, providing warmth to the home. These systems are strategically designed to capitalize on time-of-use electricity tariffs, making them particularly advantageous in regions where alternative heating sources may be less feasible or accessible. Due to their energy-efficient nature, electric storage heaters can contribute to significant savings on energy bills compared to other heating systems.

How electric storage heaters work?

Electric storage heaters are an innovative solution for home heating, particularly effective in Falkirk. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how they function:

  1. Off-peak charging: Electric storage heaters draw electricity from the national grid during off-peak hours to heat storage materials like ceramic bricks.
  2. Heat retention: Post-heating, the core material retains this heat for extended durations. This attribute ensures that the heat is conserved until it’s required for use in your home.
  3. Heat release: Stored heat is gradually released as ambient temperatures drop or occupants require warmth.
  4. Thermostat control: Modern electric storage heaters come with thermostats for precise heat control, ensuring efficient energy usage.
  5. Economy 7/ Time-of-use tariffs: Electric storage heaters are often paired with special electricity tariffs offering lower rates during off-peak hours.

Who Qualifies For Free Electric Storage Heating In Scotland?

In Perth, you’ll need to meet certain qualifying criteria to be eligible for free electric storage heaters and systems under the ECO4 scheme. These eligible households and individuals include:

Grant eligibility

  • You must either be the homeowner or rent from a private landlord (with the landlord’s consent).
  • Your eligibility includes:
    • Households with a combined income of less than £31,000 per year.
    • Homes with a child under five years old.
    • Households with a member over 65 years old, who is vulnerable or has specific health issues.
  • Geographical Location: Priority is given to households in areas more susceptible to colder conditions.
  • Energy Performance Rating: Homeowners require an EPC rating between D and G, while renters need an EPC rating of E, F, or G.
  • Current Heating and Insulation Status: Homes with inefficient heating systems or poor cavity wall insulation are considered.

Qualifying allowances

  • JSA:
    Income-based Job-Seekers Allowance
  • ESA:
    Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

Qualifying benefits

  • Housing benefit
  • Child benefit

Qualifying credits

  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Working Tax Credits (WTC)

What if you don't qualify for grant funding?

If you don’t receive any of the above benefits but you still meet certain criteria for grant funding, you may be eligible for the Government ECO Scheme through some ECO4 Flex options. This includes options for energy efficiency improvements like a replacement gas boiler, a first-time central heating grant, an insulation grant, or an electric heater grant.

How Do I Apply
For Free Electric Storage Heating
In Scotland?

At Envirohomes Renewables, we are committed to assisting you in Perth in reaping the benefits of eco-friendly solutions for your home, particularly concerning free electric heating in Perth. Our services are underpinned by the support of the Scottish government’s ECO4 funding, ensuring that you can access cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions to meet your heating needs while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process of applying for free electric heating upgrades in Perth:

What are the Advantages of Electric Storage Heating?

Electric storage heaters offer a ton of advantages for you and your home. Some of the main benefits of installing electric storage heating in your home include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: lElectric storage heaters leverage off-peak electricity rates to reduce energy bills, storing heat when electricity is cheaper and releasing it during the day.
  • Energy efficiency: When used correctly, electric storage heaters are highly energy-efficient, reducing the need for constant energy consumption and lowering monthly energy bills
  • No gas required: Electric storage heaters operate solely on electricity, making them suitable for homes without access to gas lines or for homeowners who prefer not to use gas appliances.
  • Simple installation: T The installation of electric storage heaters is relatively straightforward, especially for homes with existing electricity supplies.
  • Low maintenance: Electric storage heaters have fewer moving parts compared to traditional heating systems, resulting in lower maintenance requirements and fewer points of failure
  • Reduced carbon emissions: Using electric storage heaters can help reduce your carbon footprint, especially if your electricity provider generates electricity from renewable sources.
  • No boiler required: Electric storage heaters don’t require a boiler, which is usually the cause of high upfront installation costs. This can be particularly helpful if your home doesn’t have any existing central heating.


The time required for energy efficiency improvements varies depending on factors such as the type and complexity of the measures, property size, layout, and environmental factors. While some improvements may take a few hours to a day to complete, others may take several days to weeks, such as installing ground-source heat pumps or cavity wall insulation.

The ECO4 grant covers various energy-efficient measures, including free boilers, solar panels, air source heat pumps, and home insulation (such as loft, roof, and cavity wall insulation, as well as draught-proofing). To determine your eligibility and streamline the application process, you can use Envirohomes Renewables’ online platform or contact us directly for assistance.

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