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Free Electric Heating Dundee

Envirohomes Renewables, renowned for its expertise in electric heating systems, has established itself as a key player in Scotland’s renewable energy sector. Our commitment to providing energy-efficient electric heating solutions aligns with our goal to reduce energy bills, improve EPC ratings, and minimize carbon footprints for homeowners across Scotland. Our team, having successfully completed a myriad of electric heating projects, is recognized for its proficiency and adherence to the highest industry standards.

Recognized Accreditations:

  • Qualitymark Protection
  • Gas Safe Register
  • PAS 2030 Certification
  • Elmhurst Energy Assessment Accreditation

At Envirohomes Renewables, we specialize in ECO 4 grants, offering fully funded services primarily to households on benefits. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme, a UK government initiative, focuses on enhancing energy efficiency in homes. It aims to support low-income and rural households while contributing to the country’s carbon-neutral objectives. Launched in April 2022 and set to run until March 31, 2026, ECO4 is a vital component of the government’s long-term plan for sustainable home energy solutions by 2035.

What makes ECO4 different from ECO3?

The ECO4 and ECO3 schemes share similar principles, but there are some important differences that set them apart. These differences include:

What is
Electric Storage Heating?

Electric storage heating, a highly efficient heating system, utilizes off-peak electricity rates to generate heat, which is stored and then released during peak hours. This method is especially beneficial in areas where other heating sources are less feasible. Electric storage heaters are designed to leverage time-of-use electricity tariffs, offering a cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solution.

How electric storage heaters work?

To give you an illustration of how electric storage heaters work, we’ve created a simple step-by-step guide on the process they use:

  1. Off-peak charging: During low-demand hours, typically at night, these heaters draw and store electricity.
  2. Heat retention: The stored heat, retained in heat-retaining materials like ceramic bricks, is kept until needed.
  3. Heat release: The stored heat is gradually released, providing warmth throughout the day.
  4. Thermostat control: Modern heaters include thermostats for efficient heat management.
  5. Economy 7/ Time-of-use tariffs: These heaters are often paired with tariffs offering lower rates during off-peak hours.

Who Qualifies For Free Electric Storage Heating In Scotland?

In Scotland, you’ll need to meet certain qualifying criteria to be eligible for free electric storage heaters and systems under the ECO4 scheme. These eligible households and individuals include:

Grant eligibility

  • Household Income Limit: The combined annual income of the household must be below £31,000.
  • Presence of a Young Child: A child under the age of five must be living in the household.
  • Senior or Vulnerable Residents: The household should include a member who is over 65 years old and is either vulnerable or has certain health conditions.
  • Residence in Cold-Prone Area: The household must be located in an area known to be susceptible to cold living conditions.
  • Energy Performance Rating: For homeowners, the property should have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D, E, F, or G. Tenants should ensure their rental property has an EPC rating of E, F, or G to be eligible.
  • Target Home Characteristics: Priority is often given to homes that have inefficient energy heating systems or lack proper cavity wall insulation.

Qualifying allowances

  • JSA:
    Income-based Job-Seekers Allowance
  • ESA:
    Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

Qualifying benefits

  • Housing benefit
  • Child benefit

Qualifying credits

  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Working Tax Credits (WTC)

What if you don't qualify for grant funding?

Those not qualifying for the above benefits but meeting certain criteria can access the Government ECO Scheme through ECO4 Flex options, including energy efficiency improvements like replacement gas boilers, first-time central heating grants, insulation grants, and electric heater grants.

How Do I Apply
For Free Electric Storage Heating
In Scotland?

Envirohomes Renewables is committed to providing you with eco-friendly home solutions, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience in energy efficiency improvements and installations. Our services are supported by the Scottish government’s ECO4 funding, and we have a team of experts skilled in installing sustainable boilers, solar panels, insulation, and heat pumps.

To facilitate your access to these eco-friendly upgrades, we offer a straightforward guide through the application process

What are the Advantages of Electric Storage Heating?

At Envirohomes Renewables, our mission is to enhance your home’s energy efficiency with eco-friendly solutions, guiding you through each step to ensure you receive the most suitable upgrades for your unique living space.

  • Cost-effectiveness: These heaters are more economical as they utilize off-peak electricity rates. They store heat when electricity is less expensive at night and release it during daytime hours, helping to reduce overall energy bills.
  • Energy efficiency: Electric storage heaters are excellent for conserving energy. By accumulating heat and releasing it gradually, they minimize the need for continuous power use, which in turn lowers monthly energy costs.
  • No gas required: These heaters operate entirely on electricity, making them ideal for homes without gas connections or for those preferring to avoid gas appliances.
  • Simple installation: Installing electric storage heaters is generally straightforward, especially in properties with an existing electricity supply.
  • Low maintenance requirements: With fewer mechanical parts than traditional heating systems, electric storage heaters require less upkeep and are less prone to breakdowns.
  • Environmentally-friendly: If your electricity is sourced from renewables, using electric storage heaters contributes to reduced carbon emissions, contrasting with fossil fuel-based heating systems.
  • No boiler required: These heaters do not require a boiler, avoiding the high initial costs associated with boiler installation. This feature is especially beneficial in homes without existing central heating systems.


The time needed to implement energy efficiency improvements varies depending on the type of upgrade, the complexity, the property’s size, layout, and other environmental factors. Some improvements, like installing air-source heat pumps, may take a few hours to a day, while more complex installations, such as ground-source heat pumps or solid wall insulation, might require several days or even weeks to complete.

Under the ECO4 grant, eligible applicants can access various energy-efficient upgrades including free boilers, solar panels, air source heat pumps, and comprehensive home insulation (including loft, roof, and cavity wall insulation, as well as draught-proofing). To determine your eligibility for these ECO4 grants, you can use Envirohomes Renewables’ online platform for a quick check, or call 0141 459 0292 for assistance. Our team at Envirohomes Renewables is also ready to guide you through the ECO4 funding application process, ensuring a smooth transition to more energy-efficient living.

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