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ECO4 is the fourth phase of The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – a government-funded scheme that makes UK homes more energy efficient and tackles fuel poverty. Since 2013, over 3.1 million home improvements have been made under the scheme, but this final phase aims to go even further.

The government’s ECO4 scheme aims to support the least energy-efficient homes in the country, with a focus on low-income and vulnerable households. One of the main ways companies must measure who’s eligible for the ECO4 scheme is to see if the applicant receives any of the required benefits

In order to benefit from ECO, you must own your own home or have the permission of your landlord, including if your property is owned by a social housing provider or management company. As ECO4 is not a grant scheme, different companies or installers may provide different levels or types of support towards the installation of energy efficiency or heating measures.

It is possible to get your boiler repaired, replaced, or upgraded under ECO4. For a broken boiler replacement to be eligible, immediately prior to the installation the premises must have an efficient boiler, which has broken down and cannot be economically repaired. However, the ECO4 scheme includes a cap on the replacement of all efficient broken heating systems. The following measures can be installed outside of the broken heating system cap:

First Time Central Heating (FTCH)
A heating system upgrade
A renewable heating system
A district heating connection
An innovation measure
The installation of heating control

The ECO4 Guidance: Delivery is a comprehensive document for anyone looking for in-depth information regarding ECO.

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