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Envirohomes Renewables is a leader in boiler installations in Angus, Scotland. Celebrated for our expertise and numerous successful installations, our reputation is backed by stellar customer feedback. Our team of certified engineers boasts prestigious industry qualifications, ensuring top-notch service:

  • Qualitymark Protection
  • Gas Safe Register
  • PAS 2030 Certification
  • Elmhurst Energy Assessment Accreditation

Our mission is to lower your energy expenses, reduce your carbon footprint, and contribute to Scotland’s Net Zero initiative.

Rely on our seasoned professionals for your next eco-friendly boiler installation.


We specialize in aiding low-income families in Angus through a comprehensive boiler installation service, financed by the Government’s ECO 4 Grant. Below are the eligibility details.

Under the government-backed ECO4 program, the Angus Free Boiler Initiative seeks to combat fuel poverty by enhancing heating systems in financially challenged households, particularly those with elderly residents or lower income.

Who Qualifies For The Free Boiler Scheme?

For over a decade, UK and Scottish governments have provided free boiler grants and home energy assistance. The ECO4 boiler scheme in Angus focuses on delivering energy-saving improvements, including free boilers or replacements, to qualified households. Eligibility includes:

  • Annual household income below £19,720.
  • Homeownership status.
  • Receipt of benefits like Child Benefits or Income Support.
  • Pensioners over 60 receiving Pension Credit Benefits.
  • Possession of an old gas boiler (over 15 years).
  • Boiler with an EPC rating of D or lower.
  • Faulty or broken boilers.

Understanding the
ECO4 Scheme

The Energy Company Obligation 4 (ECO4) scheme, active since April 2022 and running until March 2026, represents the latest effort in improving UK home energy efficiency. This scheme focuses on upgrading heating systems, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and propel the UK towards its 2050 carbon-neutral goal. Over 2.3 million homes have already benefited from ECO schemes since 2012.



What does the ECO4 scheme cover?

ECO4 offers financial assistance for various energy efficiency upgrades:

  • Free boiler installations.
  • Central heating systems.
  • Boiler replacements.
  • Solar panels and air source heat pumps.
  • Storage heaters.
  • Insulation grants (loft, underfloor, wall, cavity wall, roof).

What boilers can you get under the Free Boiler grant?

  • Conventional, combi, and system boilers.
  • Air-source heat pumps.

Which Types Of Boilers
Are Not Eco-Friendly?

Gas boilers

    • Environmental impact: Gas boilers are commonplace, requiring minimal electricity for ignition. However, they are among the less eco-friendly boiler types due to their reliance on natural gas, a fossil fuel that emits carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases upon combustion.
    • Efficiency: Older gas boilers possess a G-grade EPC rating with a mere 70% energy efficiency. While modern gas boilers are improving, they cannot match the efficiency levels of combi boilers or heat pumps.
    • Regulatory changes: Environmental concerns have led to stringent regulations for gas boilers, potentially phasing them out in the near future.

Back boilers

  • Environmental impact: Back boilers, often outdated models, exhibit high inefficiency (approximately 78%) compared to modern alternatives, such as combi boilers (over 90%). They are known for higher emissions and potential carbon monoxide risks, as they are usually installed behind fireplaces.
  • Outdated: Back boilers face scarcity of parts and obsolescence due to their inefficiency.
  • Regulatory changes: New boiler installations require an 86% efficiency rating, rendering back boilers obsolete.

Oil boilers

  • Environmental impact: Oil boilers run on heating oil, another fossil fuel. This process releases significant CO2 and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Efficiency: Older non-condensing oil boilers exhibit efficiency rates of 60-70%, whereas modern versions achieve rates exceeding 90%. This puts oil boilers at a disadvantage in terms of eco-friendliness.

Which Types Of Boilers
Are Eco-Friendly?

Combi boilers

A combi boiler, short for combination boiler, is a highly efficient heating unit and a central heating system in one.

Combi boilers heat water straight from the mains and eliminate the need for a separate water storage tank. This is a highly energy-efficient boiler and its compact size can be particularly helpful for smaller homes.

Notable features of combi boilers include:

  • Space saving (due to smaller size)
  • Energy efficient
  • On-demand hot water
  • Simple installation and lower maintenance required

Heat Pumps

To clarify, a heat pump is NOT a boiler, as they do not generate heat or use fossil fuels.

Instead, they are devices that transfer (move) heat from one place to another. They work well with various distribution systems like ductwork, radiators or underfloor heating. For example, transferring heat from the outside to the inside of a building for heating or vice versa for cooling.

They typically use electricity to operate but can be powered by renewable systems, such as solar panels or wind power. This makes them highly energy-efficient for both central heating and cooling purposes, while also being more environmentally friendly in the long run.

A few other notable features of heat pumps include:

  • Some heat pump systems allow for zoning, meaning you can control the temperature in different areas of the house independently.
  • They can be integrated into existing central heating systems to improve overall efficiency.

Types of heat pump systems for central heating:

  • Air-source pump: These are the most common types. They transfer heat between the indoor and outdoor air. They are generally easier and less expensive to install.

  • Ground-source pumps: These use the stable temperature of the ground as a heat source. They are more efficient but are more expensive and complex to install.

What Are The Advantages Of An Eco-Friendly Combi Boiler?


Yes, the Free Boiler Grant is part of the broader ECO scheme, offering various energy-efficient home improvements.

A combi boiler may struggle with high simultaneous water demand, resulting in reduced water pressure.

While benefits are a key criterion, other factors might still qualify you for the grant.

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